Tony Kart 
Chassis & Parts

Italian Engineering

Tony Kart have always striven to be top of the podium when it comes to advanced technology and superb performance. The 401R has proven to be an exceptional kart , having out performed most of its rivals. Tony Kart sell more chassis & parts in the UK than any other manufacturer. And indeed the OTK brand is synonymous with excellent quality, worldwide.







Cream Racing Engines

To compliment our Strawberry Racing Team, it seemed only right to develop Cream Racing Engines. In the beginning we set up the state of the art Dyno room in the hope that we could squeeze that extra 10th out of our team engines. 12 years later and we now offer our services to other team and individuals alike.

UK & European Success

With multiple podiums and crowned champions, we are one of the top leading teams on both the UK and Europeans grids. Our success comes from years of experience and support from a global manufacture, be one of us.

Latest News

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